Can you supply all the equipment for our event?

Yes. We can arrange the supply of any equipment ranging from marquees to cutlery and crockery; glassware to cookware. We have some of our own equipment and have arrangements with hire companies to provide any equipment that we can’t supply.

Do you arrange staffing?

Yes. Our team can arrange all the staff required for catering your event. This includes wait staff, serving staff, cooks and chefs. We can also arrange staff to do the clean up.

Can you arrange alcohol?

Yes. We can arrange the supply of all beverages including alcohol for your event. We also arrange for suitably qualified and experienced bar staff. As the organiser you will need to be the licence holder for the event but we can arrange the paperwork for you.

Do I need a chef?

Chefs are required for any function where food needs to be prepared or cooked. For smaller events where the catering is just cold food or is just being dropped off you do not need kitchen staff. For larger and more complex events a cook or chef may be required. Our Function Coordinator can discuss your individual circumstances with you.

Can you cater on weekends?

Yes. Many of our events are held on weekends. We also cater for breakfasts. The size of the function will determine whether we can cater on a weekend.  Talk to our Function Coordinator.

Can you cater at my house?

Yes. We can cater at most locations (except venues that have arrangements with in-house caterers). We do not cater at private residences for teen parties or where we have concerns about the safety of our staff’s working environment. In these situations we offer drop off catering.

Can you cater for themed parties?

Yes. We enjoy a themed party as much as you do. Tell us what your theme is and we will coordinate the theme with the location, the food and the decorations.   If required, we can arrange special effects or put you in contact with people who specialise in special effects.

How many items of finger food should I allow per person?

This is affected by many factors. The time of the day, demographics and function cause the quantities to vary. You should allow more food when the event is held during normal meal times (that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner). You need to allow more food where the ratio of men to women is higher. You need to allow more food when alcohol is being served (people eat more while drinking alcohol).

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. We have mobile EFTPOS machines and accept all major credit cards except American Express. We also accept credit and debit card payments by telephone. Payments can be made directly to our bank account.  See under payment options.