About Us

THE VILLAGE CATERER is the registered trading nameAi??for the Catering Division of TorbayAi??Lifestyles and Care LimitedAi??(TORBAY). TORBAY is a not-for-profit Organisation and a registered Charity.

In 2006, TORBAY decided to make greater use of the kitchen facility at Torbay Aged Care and Retirement Village and the expertise, experience, and skill of our staff and The Village Caterer was born. The Village Caterer wasAi??given the role of establishing the largest and best Catering business on the FraserAi?? Coast with the purpose ofAi??raising funds to support the aged care facilities operated by Torbay.

When Torbay decided to build a second village, Parklands Retirement Haven Ai??in Hervey Bay it was decided to take all catering functions offsite rather than expand the existing kitchen.

In 2007 the Airport Nursery site was purchased and after setting aside land for the production kitchen the balance of the property, containing the plant nursery, was leased to a private operator.

OurAi??state-of-the-art production kitchen was opened on 12th February 2010. The production kitchen is the biggest and most modern kitchen in the region and has the capacity to quadruple its current use without any expansion. It has been designed so that its full capacity can be doubled to 8000 meals per day should it be required.

Donai??i??t be misled, The Village Caterer may have had its roots in cooking for aged care facilities but the external catering business has been established to be the largest and best all-purpose catering service on the Fraser Coast.

The production kitchen is supplying aged care facilities, hospitals, tourist resorts and cafes on a daily basis. We are still seeking further clientele from other organisations requiring daily meals to their clients.

Our catering for weddings, birthdays, morning and afternoon teas, and conferences continues to grow.

In just a short period, The Village Caterer has been the culinary artists behind some of the Fraser Coastai??i??s most important events –

  • Lions Conference
  • Senior Formals
  • Prime Minster and entourage
as well as providing individual meals to residents across the region.